Bookkeeping can be a time taking and meticulous task, especially at times when you need to focus on running your business. Accurate and up-to-date financial records work as an important element in the business success. When you allow us to take care of your books, you are entrusting the process to professional bookkeepers, who take care of your company’s books of accounts and let you divert your energies to focus on growth and development of the business.

Financial Legos Solutions Ltd provides smart and efficient bookkeeping solutions to companies, SME’s and more. We follow a professional approach to provide our clients sufficient information of the important business matters. So, they could take important decisions at the right time.

Why Outsource bookkeeping to ‘Financial Legos Solutions?’

Latest Technology:

We are a proponent of adapting and using latest technologies. Along with using traditional software’s, for most of our existing clients we are using cloud based online software’s. This gives you a real time insight of you books and balances and helps you make more informed and better decisions.


We at Financial Legos Solutions ensures confidentiality of record along with data protection. Our team of professionals are associated with professional bodies that reinforces the commitment to data security and confidentiality.


Our service is scalable to your business needs and we always have a team ready for the type of facility your business needs.

Management and training:

Our bookkeeping professionals stay updated with the latest accounting software and acquire comprehensive knowledge of the state tax rules and reporting methods.

Focusing on your ‘Core Competency’:

Bookkeeping by the owner or delegating these tasks to other key employee would result in investing valuable time and energy that could otherwise be utilized for the business growth. When you outsource your books to us, you make yourself and other key personnel of the business available, who should not spend time on maintaining accounts.

Our bookkeeping services include:

Finance Process Outsourcing

From entering day-to-day transactions to assuring that your record maintenance is compliant with the international standards, we take care of all.

Part-time Bookkeeping Services

You can count on our experts for the part-time upkeep of your books of accounts. This service is appropriate for small businesses and start-ups to whom cost of having a full time finance department is high

Asset Management

We take care of the assets of your business. Timely calculate the depreciation, impairment review and initiate disposals as per company’s policy and standards.

Periodic Reporting

We provide you the financial reports on monthly, semi-annually and on other agreed period. This helps you understand your financial position and control your costs where possible.

Payroll Services

Along with keeping track of your payroll records to processing of monthly payroll, we ensure the new hires and leavers are appropriately accounted for in the books and proper electronic salary record is maintained.

Accounts Reconciliations / Bank Reconciliations.

Timely reconciliations and rectification of errors in the books and simultaneously matching the bank balances with client’s records.

Payable/Receivable Management

Efficient, timely and effective identification of periodic payables and receivables allowing our clients to manage their liquidity and plan accordingly.

Inventory Management

Ensuring your inventory is properly recorded in your books at the appropriate value and is up to date.